Father and son posing with a baseball bat and a ball isolated on white background

Boomers Up To Bat; Gen X On Deck

May 11, 2023

The so-called Baby Boomer generation has been retiring for a number of years, but the next group, referred to as Gen X, is on the cusp of their retirement years. This podcast focuses on the latter group and the preparations they need to make in planning for life after working.

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

  •            It is never too early to prepare for retirement, but people looking to retire in the coming year or two need to get their plans in order, or start putting one together, so that their retirement savings can be put to work in the areas where they are most needed
  •           Social Security as it stands now shouldn’t be a factor for boomers, but for younger retirees, there may be changes such as delaying the full retirement age and/or older age for maximum benefits, or perhaps even reduced benefits
  •           Two things which can help anyone planning for retirement are taking advantage of catch up contributions for those over age 50, and tax planning so that withdrawals of funds from any type of account can be made as tax efficiently as possible. This might include doing Roth conversions and pay taxes now at potentially lower rates in exchange for tax free withdrawals in the future



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